For those that have skills, interests, and passions but struggle to build a sustainable lifestyle & income on the internet...

Copy The 154 Processes, Strategies, and Systems That Will Fuel Your Future Six-Figure Online Business & 4 Hour Workdays

If these strategies don't make you $50,000 in a year, we will refund you every single penny. It sounds crazy... but there's a catch.

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"Is this actually possible? I've only seen influencers, authors, and 'make money online' gurus do this kind of thing... I'm ambitious, but it seems a bit unrealistic."

Take a look at these one-person business owners that recently started from zero and have:

Made $6k from their coaching business in a little under 2 weeks.

Using real strategies that came from years of iteration, refinement, and testing.

These are abnormal results, especially right off the bat... but you wanted me to show you it's possible, right?
Went from $250/month to $12k/month as a freelancer using the information from one call.

We helped him find a hidden-in-plain-sight market that was untapped and begging to hand over their money.

All of these strategies are inside.
Is now closing in on 6 figures in digital product sales a few months after spilling the beans on our launch process.

By taking what he knew, opening up Google docs, writing a bit, adding some formatting, and creating a product that other's saw value in.
To whoever has stumbled upon this page,

For the rest of your valuable time here, I want you to do 3 things:

1) Be completely honest with yourself about your recent progress.

2) Forget everything you have been told about money, happiness, and a fulfilling lifestyle. Especially if it came from someone who has none of the above.

3) Don't be quick to deem something as "unrealistic." If the big numbers on this page scare you, you are drastically limiting yourself and have not experienced the possibility that the internet provides.

Read to the end. Take us up on our seemingly outrageous guarantee. And try not to laugh at our enrollment price that people keep telling us to raise.


First question: What is actually holding you back from enjoying even the most mundane moments of your life, creatively making money, and having an endless source of high-energy?

Some people think it's a lack of knowledge, some think it "runs in the family", and some even think it's a scam because they took what an anonymous social media account said at face value.

I think it's because you've fallen into one of these traps:

Trap 1) You are stuck in a loop of surface level advice, buying course after course... book after book to fix it, and still not making the progress you want.

Trap 2) You can't find the "right" business model to commit to and are slowly handing over the few precious years of your life to the murderous shiny object syndrome.

Trap 3) You overwhelm yourself with tasks, get mentally paralyzed, and get very little done (while knowing you are capable of more). You don't have direction, clarity, or "enough time in the day."

Trap 4) You feel like you aren't ready to heavily monetize what you've learned (when people with baseline level skills are getting to 4-5 figures a matter of months).

What kind of skills?

Writing, fitness, self-improvement, relationship dynamics, tech skills, marketing disciplines, and creative skills.

Trap 5) Your circle of friends, family, and acquaintances' uninformed and pessimistic opinions are slowly draining your drive. They don't seem interested in a better life.

Trap 6) You have little to no idea how to build a high-paying, sustainable one-person business. Just like the other 95% of "entrepreneurs"  and "failed businesses" that call it quits after 2 weeks.

Bonus Trap - The Deadliest of Them All:

Continuing to make little to no progress, get discouraged, quit, and repeat all over again until the worst happens...

You become bitter, cynical, and pessimistic about growing yourself and your business (acting like it's not the only worthwhile thing to pursue.)

Know anybody like that?

They aren't fun to be around.

How Joey Went From 3 Years Of Zero Progress To $28,000 In 4 Months

Let's take a look at one of my marketing consultancy clients (and now great friend).

Joey is a programmer.

Well, he was a programmer until recently.

He grew up living in a trailer behind a flee market.

Played World of Warcraft throughout his teenage years. Realized he couldn't waste his time anymore, there was too much to do and he hadn't even made a dent in his long term goals.

Studied one of his burning interests, psychology, like a mad man

And decided to start a YouTube channel teaching what he had learned.

Joey was pursuing the New American Dream:

Monetizing your knowledge and skillset, making enough to do it full time, and opening up a new world of freedom.

But it wasn't all fun and games.

Joey pumped out high quality videos for 2 years and ended up with nothing to show for it. Pennies.

Out of what seemed to be nowhere, a new opportunity popped up and he said, "Eh, it's worth a shot."

People were growing on different platforms (most of them you wouldn't even think of as a place to grow a business).

Joey joined in and grew an audience quickly. He created a digital product from his psychology knowledge, sold a few, but not nearly enough to let him quit his job.

That is when I met Joey.

We worked together, I gave him my marketing processes, strategies, and frameworks.

We created a new offer and a step-by-step plan for him to succeed... then this happened.
In a matter of months Joey completely changed the direction of his life.

How did he do it so quick?

Well... Joey created his own performance system (performance = high-energy, high-productivity, and mental clarity).

Not to mention, he only had a few hours after work to build his business. When he paired my business processes with his human performance knowledge it was like Thomas Edison had just invented the lightbulb.

Fun fact: This is why Modern Mastery HQ was created.

Joey and I have teamed up to start, grow, and enjoy your life and business so you can see better results with minimal time invested each day.

Like having a coach in the 2 areas that will impact your life the most (but at 1/300th of the price... and no that's not a typo).
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How Do We Nearly Guarantee These Kinds Of Results?

The 7 Key Focus Areas For Optimizing Your Workflow, Cultivating A Distraction-Free Mind, And Monetizing Your Skillset

Entrepreneurs tend to focus on what they think will get them results. Not what's proven to get results.

1) Marketing and Sales: Learn how to package up your knowledge and skills into something you can sell that nearly force people to take out their credit cards (even if you have the weirdest interests and skillset).

2) Customer Acquisition: You can't sell your products & services without people seeing them... learn how to automate your sales and close deals without a large social media following (even though you'll learn how to grow one).

3) Free Distribution: Understand how to build your own traffic sources (you don't have a business if you don't have traffic) so you don't have to learn things like paid ads or other skill-heavy methods.

4) Mental Performance: Reprogram your thoughts to serve you, understand and leverage your cognitive biases, and become a laser-focused machine (because modern society is good at throwing unimportant distractions your way).

5) Lifestyle Design: Accomplish your 3-year goals in 3 months by implementing our 6-step process (so you can focus deeply, have radiating energy, and craft your perfect day).

6) Fitness & Health: Because let's face it... if you don't look good you won't feel good. Entrepreneurs are notorious for being unhealthy. Unhealthy fogs your brain. A foggy brain lacks good ideas. Good ideas get paid more.

7) Philosophy & Spirituality: Once you have enough  money and time on your hands, the money becomes meaningless. We help you find meaning and enjoyment in the mundane activities in life.

If you haven't noticed already, this isn't all about the money.

Money is great, don't get me wrong.

But if it is not built on the foundation of self-development, you will struggle to maintain your results (and quite possibly lose that "spark" of passion you started out with).

Like a relationship.

You can't work on yourself until you meet a man/woman just to let yourself go for life.

You must commit to betterment.

This is what results in a flourishing relationship, and in our case

A flourishing business.
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Accelerate Your Personal & Business Growth In MMHQ
Introducing: Modern Mastery HQ

Proven processes, systems, and strategies from 6-7 figure founders so you can skip the trial and error of starting and growing your one-person business.

Learn exactly how to build a name for yourself, gain authority similar to your favorite author, and grow digital assets that will increase in value as you progress.

Fast track your way to four-figure months with our Godfather Offer framework, DM seduction method, and $10K conversational sales script.

Create, market, and have a 5 figure launch for a professional digital product based around your current skills, interests, and expertise (or become well read on the subjects in MMHQ and offer that as a product / service).

Learn the ins & outs of 6 figure creator, podcaster, freelance, coaching, digital product, and online education businesses. Then choose your starting point, emulate them, and see results 10x quicker.

Understand who you are, how you work, and how to optimize your workflow into 3-4 hours a day. You can work longer if you want... or you can spend it in the sun, with family, or at the gym when nobody else is there.

Craft the perfect message that will attract masses of like-minded followers, engagement, and sales (while talking about things that truly interest you).

Map out your dream life and know exactly how to get there with business as your vessel for infinite income, autonomy of time, and the challenge of growing as your business does.

You Gain Instant Access To All Of The Above Via:

6-Figure Strategy Library

Hundreds of articles & video trainings that you can practically copy and paste into your business to make it a success.

Updated and added to multiple times per week.

Step-By-Step Roadmaps

Free legacy courses and step-by-step roadmaps to implementing the strategies we teach you.

Communities can get messy, we have organized everything for a seamless experience.

7 Day Sprints

Short, dedicated habit sprints based around lever-moving tasks that will make you more money, improve your cognition, and increase your quality of life.

Simple to implement and easy to keep up with (and we hold you accountable!)

Real-Time Personalized Help

Dive into the Discord server to get personalized help by friendly 6-7 figure entrepreneurs, new business owners, and others that you can network and grow with.

(Because let's face it... your parents and friends won't understand.)

Thought That Was It? Nah, There Are $247 Worth Of Bonuses (That You Gain Instant Access To)

The Power Planner: Eliminate the overwhelm of your todo list and laser in on your priorities.

Freelance High Ticket Essentials: Previously $97 — a comprehensive guide on turning your skills and interests into a $3,000 - $5,000 service, selling it, and increasing your prices (beginner friendly).

Twitter Followers & Dollars Simplified: Previously $47 — My step-by-step video course on how I grew to 10K followers (because growing to 10K on ANY platform is different from growing to 100K).

Websites That Work: Previously $47 — learn how to build websites, sales funnels, and landing pages for your own business (or sell them to other businesses using the High Ticket Essentials course!)

Habits Made Simple: Previously $47 — A comprehensive guide to seamlessly breaking energy-sucking habits that are holding you back from greatness. Accompanied by tracking worksheets and more bonuses.

That's $247+ worth of bonus courses for free. These courses have been taken off the market and are only available for MMHQ members.

These courses are also responsible for someone like Aaron, who now has 100,000+ follower distribution network and pulls in $15,000/month through his services.

Who The Hell Are You?

What's up! My name is Dan Koe. I am the marketing consultant for some of your favorite content creators, coaches, authors, influencers, and other one-person businesses.

I've generated 7+ figures in profit for my clients...

For them being one-person businesses — that's a big chunk of change.

One of them recently made $22,500 as a fitness coach in 2 weeks (without certification or any of that nonsense, just by leveraging the internet).
After systemizing my process and getting massive results for my clients, I decided to start Modern Mastery HQ.

Here are some of the results I've personally gotten from the processes, strategies, and systems I drop inside:

Here are a few of my weekly payouts from product sales:
My daily follower growth from the strategies I teach inside:
My monthly impressions from free traffic I generate on social media:

(This would normally range from $35,000 - $70,000 with paid ads)

5-10 million impressions per month. If you can get 10 people to buy a $27 product per day, you make 6 figures a year.

That means you need to get 400 of those 5-10 million people to click on your page.

If you have a *low* 2.5% conversion rate... you make 6 figures.
Client payments from the strategies I teach in the 3 beginner legacy courses you receive as a bonus for joining:
Stripe and PayPal screenshots from over 6 figures in sales in 3 months... again, using the strategies I teach.

I'm not a fan of showing my revenue... but I understand how "unbelievable" it seems when you are used to the traditional job market. I had the same mindset.
And of course... this would mean nothing without member results.

You Don't Pay A Cent Unless You Make $50,000

Our methods are proven.

We have step-by-step roadmaps to turning the ideas in your head into a sustainable independent income source.

ALL as a one-person business. You won't need to worry about hiring, managing people, or any of that. You build what you want to and get paid for it.

What's the catch?

Yeah, $50,000 is a lot of money.

But if you do exactly as we say, participate regularly in the community, and ask questions when you need help... then we guarantee you will make $50K in a year on the low end.

Here is what will disqualify this guarantee:

If you do not participate weekly in the Discord community, ask questions, and genuinely try to make progress... you will be disqualified.

If you are not open to trying new things, being coachable, and pivoting when necessary... you will be disqualified.

If you do not implement the strategies that we give you, dedicate yourself to learning, and consistently build your business... you will be disqualified.

Pretty simple.

If you don't participate, dedicate yourself to becoming financially free in a year's time, and put in the work... you won't make the money.

This may be the push and accountability you need.  

This is a one-year guarantee. It takes time to build a sustainable source of income. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. These are proven, tested, and refined methods you will be receiving.

If you leave the community within a year, that's fine, cancellation is simple if you don't like it... but this will disqualify you.

If you stick it out for a year and persist and still don't make $50,000 - we will refund you every single penny you spent on your membership.

What do you have to lose?

If you follow the steps and make say... $10,000 more than you would have? Awesome. You made some money and we refund you anyways.

Why am I so confident in this guarantee?

Because most business problems aren't business problems. They're performance problems.

Consistency problems.

Prove me wrong. Stick it out for a year. Make me refund your money.

Join 1000+ One-Person Businesses Pursuing A Better Life Inside Modern Mastery HQ

Here's a challenge and guarantee for you:

If you dedicate 10 measly minutes a day to interacting in MMHQ - you will not fail.

But here's the thing, if you can't muster up at least 1-2 hours a day to improve yourself and grow your business outside of the community...

Do. Not. Join.

We are an Inner Circle that is dedicated to living a meaningful life with work that invigorates us.

If you do not have a similar vision, this group is not for you.

If you ready to embark on this journey of betterment, fill out the form below and read the instructions on the next page carefully.
What You Don't Have To Pay For

Weekly premium content:

New courses every month:

Consulting calls or group coaching:

Full coaching & accountability:
$5000 program fee

And last but not least:

2 separate $40,000 college degrees that won't guarantee you a job and teach information you probably won't remember (just kidding... or am I?).
What You Receive
We teach the full stack.

Not just a few tactics packaged up into a course that make you feel good for buying something (but not doing anything with the information.)

From mental awareness and cognition to business principles and processes, we've got you covered.

Proven Processes - No more guesswork. Steal our step-by-step systems and processes for becoming a highly paid entrepreneur.

Lifestyle Optimization - Reprogram your brain for high performance, discover who you are meant to be in terms of your habits, biases, and behavior patterns.

Community - Surround yourself with entrepreneurs on the same journey as you. Make friends, form business partnerships, and network.

Expert Mentorship - No matter what you are learning, you will always have questions. Get access to real experts in our Discord group and live calls.

Ready To Escape The Trap Of Surface Level Information?

Your investment today:


Or pay yearly and get 15% off.

Get instant access to trainings, articles, challenges, personalized help, and more that have made members multiple six figures as a one-person business.

Cancel at anytime.

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